Larger van hire

There are several reasons why you might consider hiring a long wheelbase or Luton van for your transportation needs. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Increased cargo capacity: Long wheelbase and Luton vans offer larger load spaces compared to standard vans. These vehicles have extended lengths and heights, allowing you to transport more goods or bulky items in a single trip. This can be particularly useful for businesses or individuals who frequently move large or heavy objects.
  2. Versatility: Due to their larger dimensions, long wheelbase and Luton vans provide greater flexibility in terms of cargo arrangement. They often come with options for adjustable shelves, hooks, and tie-down points, enabling you to secure and organize your load more effectively. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of purposes, from commercial deliveries to moving house.
  3. Improved maneuverability: Despite their larger size, long wheelbase and Luton vans are designed to be relatively easy to handle on the road. They typically feature power steering, advanced suspension systems, and modern driver-assistance technologies, making them maneuverable even in tight spaces. This can be especially beneficial when navigating urban areas or narrow streets.
  4. Enhanced driver comfort: Long wheelbase and Luton vans often come equipped with comfortable driver cabins that prioritize ergonomics and convenience. These vehicles may offer features such as air conditioning, adjustable seating, and ample storage compartments, allowing drivers to travel longer distances comfortably. This can be advantageous for professional drivers or individuals embarking on a long journey.
  5. Time and cost efficiency: By renting a long wheelbase or Luton van, you can potentially save time and money. With their larger load capacity, you can complete your transportation tasks in fewer trips, reducing fuel costs and minimizing the time spent on the road. Additionally, hiring a van eliminates the need for long-term ownership, avoiding expenses related to maintenance, insurance, and depreciation.
  6. Safety and security: Long wheelbase and Luton vans often come equipped with safety features to protect both the driver and the cargo. These may include anti-lock braking systems (ABS), airbags, and stability control systems. Additionally, the closed and lockable cargo area of Luton vans provides an extra layer of security for your valuable or sensitive goods during transportation.

When considering whether to hire a long wheelbase or Luton van, it’s important to assess your specific transportation requirements, the volume of your cargo, and the accessibility of your pickup and delivery locations. By evaluating these factors, you can determine whether these types of vans are the most suitable choice for your needs.

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