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Van Hire FAQs

What van is best for moving house?

Our long wheel-based vans (LWB) are perfect for your typical house move. The LWB vans are around 3.2 metres in length and around 1.8 metres high. If you feel like you need a larger van, especially a van that can lift larger/ heavier items, then we can offer you a Luton Tail Lift.  Luton’s are a perfect choice if you’re moving household appliances such as an oven or washing machine.

What documentation should I bring when I rent a van?

On the day of your van hire at EasiHire Preston, please don’t forget to bring with you:

  • A valid driving licence
  • Valid ID
  • 2 x proof of address (such as recent utility bills)
  • Credit/ debit card

Can I hire a van with a normal driving licence?

Our vans can be hired on a standard UK driving licence. You must have held a driving licence for at least 2 years and be at least 25 years of age. Please also be sure to inform the EasiHire Preston team of any recent points you have. 

Can I rent a van with a non UK driving licence?

If you need a rent a van from us and only hold a non UK driving licence, please visit our branch at 165 Walker St, Preston PR1 2RR or call us on 01772 886888. We can check how long you’ve held the licence for and the vehicles you’re allowed to drive. We’ll try our best to help you rent a van.

Can I still hire a van if I have points on my driving licence?

Providing you have no more than 6 points for minor offences, then we should be able to rent to you. From time to time, we may need to refer you to our insurance company to determine if we can insure you or not.  Please give EasiHire Preston a call on 01772 886888 to discuss more.

How old are your vans?

All our vans are regular updated and maintained to the highest standard. Only the best is available to hire.

How much does it cost to hire a van?

Van hire prices can vary due to a number of factors like:

  • Van size
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Make/ model

What happens if the van breaks down or I am in an accident?

Our vans have breakdown cover so please do not worry. All the information you’ll need can be found on the hire contract you’ll receive from the EasiHire Preston team.  Be sure to keep our phone number safe should you need any assistance during your van rental 01772 886888.

Which van is right for me? Check out our useful van guides!

Are you moving house? Do you need to hire a van?

Hiring a van for a house move in Preston has never been easier, with our friendly staff on-hand to advise you on the different sizes of vans, hire rates and deposits.

Vans come in all shapes and sizes from the small vans ideal for runs to the local tip, transit vans ideal for moving beds and 3 piece suites or your Luton box van which is most people’s choice for their house move. Luton box vans have a lift on the back to make heavy items easier to move.

Hiring a van is a more cost-effective method of moving, you don’t have to cover a full multi-man service which can cost a few hundred pounds. This is doubly true if the move is a small one that doesn’t need as much manpower…. you’ll save enough money to spend on new furniture and decor instead!

Van hire offers more flexibility than relying on a removal service. You can book a van for the correct length of time required to move house, you can book van hire in blocks of 24 hours, allowing yourself enough time and will make your house move far less stressful.

Putting yourself in charge of packing, loading and unloading your belongings means you can keep check of where everything is stored and where everything will end up. If you are doing several journeys you can even pick and choose what you want to take and when, and if you are desperate to get certain items into your new home. There’s no fun in waiting for your kettle and mugs to arrive so you can enjoy a well-earned cup of tea whilst adding the finishing touches.

Hiring a van doesn’t mean you have to make the move alone. In fact, it makes it fun to grab a few friends to help out and create your own team of movers saving time in the process. Just remember to treat them to lots of tea and biscuit. For friendly advice on hiring a van, call us now on 01772 886888 or book online!

About Preston

An administrative centre of Lancashire, Preston is located on the north bank of the River Ribble. Preston obtained city status 2002. Preston has a total population of 135,000. Preston’s surroundings give a clear visual indicator of its ancient Roman activity. History tells us that The Saxons established Preston; in fact, the name Preston is derived from the old English words “Priest settlement”.

In terms of industry, Preston has produced textiles since the middle of the 13th century. Preston’s industrial expansion coincided with the expansion of textile manufacturing. The inventor of the spinning frame, Sir Richard Arkwright, was born in Preston.

Much like other post-industrial towns, Preston has faced similar challenges such as economic deprivation, housing issues and deindustrialisation. Preston does have one of the oldest football clubs in England: Preston North End FC.

The Preston Van Hire Guide

At some point in our lives we’ll need to hire a van, whether it’s to move house or to transport large items. This guide has been created to give you what you need to know before you arrive at the Preston branch and get behind the wheel. Many road users would describe van drivers as a ‘stereotype’ but there is a lot more to driving a van than what you may think!

Will I be seen as another ‘white van driver’ around Preston?

According to research there are 4 million vans on the UK roads and vans cover almost 50 billion miles per year. Demand for new vans is at record levels. You certainly will be among a lot of fellow van users on the roads and there will be plenty of other road users hiring a van for the first time.

There is a certain stigma attached to van drivers. In the UK, certain road users would describe ‘white van drivers’ as being careless, inconsiderate and rude drivers. However, a road safety report conducted around 5 years ago concluded that van drivers were less likely to be involved in an RTA compared to drivers of other vehicle types.

Did you know the commercial van market contributes to around £11 billion per year to the economy? Vans are a vital part of modern life in Preston. You will see many different trades using vans such as plumbers, couriers, builders as well as electricians. When hiring a van in Preston we are sure you will be a courteous and peaceful van driver alongside other road users.

Choosing a van which is right for the job

Before you look for a local van hire firm such as, we think it’s important for you to know what to look for in a van before you book it. Here is four factors you should consider:

The right van will be decided by:

  • How much will your goods weigh?
  • How will you fit the goods into the van?
  • How big is each object you wish to transport?
  • How many items will you need to move around?

Your answers to the above will dictate the size of the van you need. Generally speaking the bigger the van, the daily rate increases slightly. All our van rates are very competitive!

Selecting the right size of van

Our fleet of vans vary in size: small vans like the Berlingo, regular vans like a Transit SWB, to a larger van like a Luton. If you underestimate the size of the van you need, you may end up doing more trips to transport all your items. If your items are too heavy to lift, then a Luton van would be a wise choice as the tail lift on the rare will make life a lot easier. Our friendly hire team at Preston will show you how to operate all of the controls!

Another consideration is your passengers. Some of our vans only have two seats whereas the larger vans have 3 front seats.

Important documents for hiring a van from Preston

Hiring a van from Preston is a very straight forward process but there are some important items of documentation/ ID that you’ll need to bring with you on the day of your hire.

  • You will ALWAYS need to show us your valid driving licence
  • You should bring proof of ID with you such as a recent utility bill
  • You should bring a credit/ debit card with you as we DO NOT accept cash payments

You will sign a “rental agreement” at the Preston branch. The rental agreement also has terms and conditions that you should read, understand them, then sign. We’ll be clear of your responsibilities in the van and while it’s in your care. We’ll also be clear on what to do should in the unlikely event you have a breakdown in the van.

How does the van insurance work?

We provide CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance included in our rates. Our friendly rental team at Preston will discuss further insurance options to lower your excess. Contents inside the van is not covered by us. Ensuring the goods are well secured in the van is your responsibility.

Driving away on your hire van

Before you leave our Preston branch in the van you should confirm with our rental team:

  • Which type of fuel you should use
  • How to operate the fuel cap
  • How to operate the lights and windscreen wipers

You should also agree a day and time to return the van. On weekends our business hours at Preston are much shorter compared to through the week.

Loading the van

We strongly recommend you stack your goods properly in the back of the van. During transportation, things can move around so stacking your items safely is paramount. Straps can be useful to prevent heavy items falling over. We recommend the heaviest items should be at the bottom of the pile. We also recommend you spread the load evenly across the base of the van. Take care not to overload the van.

Driving the van

First time van hirers may be surprised to learn how good the power steering is and how the dashboard is very similar to a car. Your seating position however is much higher than a car, and you’ll notice a lot more wider space inside. You will have to take great care when parking, and going under entrances or bridges due to the greater vehicle height. Many underground or public car parks have a two metre (6’6”) height restriction.

In terms of driving around corners in the van, we recommend you brake gently. Brakes on a van can be sharp as they are designed for a full load. Please also be sure to adjust the wing mirrors and your seat for best comfort and visibility.

Speed limits can vary for vans. Vans over 7.5 tonnes are restricted to 60mph on the motorway. Vans below this weight may drive to the national speed limits. You simply cannot beat checking your routes in advance and allowing yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.