Blackburn Attractions

If you’re visiting Blackburn and its surroundings and you’re interested in historic places, there are several notable destinations you might want to consider. Here’s a list of historic places of interest to visit in and around Blackburn, accessible by car:

  1. Blackburn Cathedral: A beautiful Anglican cathedral with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. The cathedral features stunning architecture and hosts various events and exhibitions.
  2. Hoghton Tower: Located a short drive away from Blackburn, Hoghton Tower is a fortified manor house that dates back to the 16th century. It’s known for its Tudor architecture, beautiful gardens, and historical significance.
  3. Turton Tower: This historic house and museum is situated in Chapeltown, near Blackburn. Dating back to the medieval period, Turton Tower offers visitors a glimpse into the region’s past with its well-preserved rooms and gardens.
  4. Astley Hall: Located in nearby Chorley, Astley Hall is a Grade I listed historic house set within a beautiful park. The hall dates back to the 17th century and features stunning architecture, period furnishings, and art collections.
  5. Samlesbury Hall: Situated a short drive from Blackburn, Samlesbury Hall is a historic manor house dating back to the 14th century. It offers guided tours, events, and exhibitions, allowing visitors to explore its fascinating history.
  6. Whalley Abbey: Located in the village of Whalley, this former Cistercian abbey dates back to the 14th century. Although now mostly in ruins, the abbey remains a picturesque and historically significant site, with beautiful grounds to explore.
  7. Ribble Steam Railway: While not strictly historic in itself, the Ribble Steam Railway in Preston offers a nostalgic journey through Lancashire’s industrial past. Visitors can take a ride on vintage steam trains and explore the museum showcasing steam locomotives and memorabilia.

These destinations offer a mix of architectural beauty, historical significance, and cultural experiences, making them great options for anyone interested in exploring the history of the Blackburn area.

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