Essential Apps for Electric Vehicle Drivers

Pod Point

Built for your smartphone, download the Pod Point App for free, with no membership fees or subscriptions to access the Pod Point Network.


Zen-Map. Zap-Map is the number 1 rated EV charging app on mobile application marketplaces.

EV Hotels

Over 250,000 hotels worldwide have partnered with EV hotels to help display the nearest hotels to you with a suitable car charging port.


Caura is the ultimate app for streamlining and managing everything related to your electric vehicle.

EV8 Switch

EV8 Switch helps consumers thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle decide whether it is the best economical choice for them and whether it suits their lifestyle.


ChargeMap is a navigation and route planner application which has the unique feature of highlighting charging stations on route to your destination.


ChargePoint. Another ‘charge your car app’, ChargePoint allows you to find nearby, available EV charging stations all across Western Europe and North America.

Should I hire a Mercedes electric van?

Full electrification will be “the norm” in the not-too-distant future. Easihire has embraced the environmental advantages of hiring out electric vans as part of its growing fleet for its customers. Easihire have invested in new rental vans namely the Mercedes eVito (Electric) and the Mercedes eSprinter (Electric) to help reduce exhaust emissions to zero.

Can I save money by hiring an all-electric van?

A lot of van drivers would say electric vans simply cannot cover the distance as opposed to petrol and diesel-based vehicles on a full tank. Right now, electric vans cannot cover a few hundred miles on a single charge but you can charge your vehicle at designated fast-charging stations along the way at a fraction of the cost.

Taking the larger van – the Mercedes eSprinter – drivers can expect to cover around 96 miles on a single charge (according to official figures). When we calculate that 96 miles per day during a working week, it equates to around 24,000 miles annually. A full electric van charge should cost around £9, that’s working out only 0.09p per mile compared to almost 0.30p per mile in a fuelled van. You could be saving 60-70% in fuel costs!

It’s still the Sprinter Van we all know and love, just an electric one

From looking at its great-looking exterior, an Electric Sprinter van and the regular L2 H2 version are the same. Mercedes vans are all about their brand image, quality, and refinement. The internal dimensions of this van are also identical, the only variation is the weighted battery beneath the floor. The battery may slightly reduce the amount of cargo weight you are able to carry. The cargo weight limit is 774kg.


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