The significance of your seating position while driving

When renting one of our vehicles, it is quite possible that the car seats will not be properly positioned for you, and you will have to adjust your seat accordingly. Your seating position while driving is important for avoiding injury or discomfort, regardless of whether you have a long travel ahead of you or a short drive up the road.

Finding the Correct Driving Position is Important

Did you know that in the UK, back pain is almost as common as a cold? According to the British Chiropractic Association, more than 40% of drivers believe that driving worsens or aggravates their neck or back pain, and another 14% believe that driving can cause it even if they have never experienced it before. Finding the right seating posture can help everyone avoid cramp, pain a stiff neck or general discomfort while driving, but how can you do it? Begin by adjusting your seat and steering wheel to ensure you have the ideal driving position so that you are sitting comfortably.

How To Find The Perfect Driving Posture

There is no right or wrong driving posture; simply do what feels best to you. When you first get inside one of our vans, read through this guide. Take your time with the process; it will be rewarding when you leave the vehicle with no aches and problems!

Step 1: Support your back

Try this initial step while seated in neutral. Press down on the clutch with your back firmly on the chair’s backrest, ensuring you’re sitting comfortably to prevent any lower back pain. You should bend your knee slightly while doing this, ensuring the seat height is adjusted for optimal control and comfort and that the headrest is supporting the back of your heads. Straight legs suggest you’re reaching too far for the pedals, which can cause discomfort and even lead to a road accident because of a loss of control.  At the same time you should also not be hunched over the dashboard.

Step 2: Steering wheel

The next step is ensuring that your driving posture is correct. When you reach for it, no matter how much you spin the wheel, your shoulders should remain against the back of the seat and your elbows slightly bent.  If you can comfortably reach the steering wheel you will be able to drive safely with the least possible toll on your body. 

Step 3: Position of your seat

The height of your seat may also cause back pain or discomfort. If you are sat too low, you may have to stretch your back throughout the ride to see over the driving wheel and get a clear view of the road ahead. Before you go, make adjustments to raise your seat as high as possible to provide you with an unobstructed view but make sure you’re still in a natural shape where your feet can still reach the pedals comfortably.

Step 4: Ergonomics

On the same topic, ensure that your mirrors are properly angled. You should be able to view all of your mirrors without having to rotate your head much, if at all, and your back and shoulders should be firmly and comfortably placed against the back of the seat.  You should also be able to reach the gearstick comfortably while you’re driving.

Step 5: Lumbar support

There are buttons on your chair that allow you to adjust the back support for more comfort and to decrease pressure on your lower back. This will offer lower back support throughout your journey. Use the lever to adjust it so that it matches the natural curve of your spine.

Step 6: Headrest

For neck support, make sure your headrest is properly positioned. You probably learned this in school, but many of us forget to do it when we get into a new car. The top of the headrest should remain level with the top of your head. In addition to offering comfort, this spot will provide additional support if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to brake forcefully or get an unexpected impact from another vehicle.

Avoid Back Pain with the Ideal Seating Position while Driving

At Easihire, we have a variety of vehicles available for rental, all with varying onboard capacity and a completely manoeuvrable driver’s seat, allowing you to find the best position for your trip. For any questions, please contact our team. We’re here to help! Please contact us today.