What size of van is required for a three-bedroom house move

Any homeowner who has recently relocated will realise how physically and emotionally exhausting the process of moving home can be, and the larger the property, the more difficult the move may be. You’ll be shocked at how much tension you may relieve by using van hire services provided by local businesses when you move house. While removal companies might be expensive, van rental services can offer you a useful vehicle at a much lower rate for your move, such as a transit van or a 3.5 tonne Luton van. In this blog, we look at what size van you’ll need to relocate a three-bedroom house.

What are the available van size options?

It’s no secret that vans come in a variety of forms and sizes, but this can often lead to misunderstanding about which option is the right van for you.

For a three-bedroom house transfer, we normally recommend our 4m long Luton vans, which provide ample cubic feet for furniture and boxes. In addition to their maximum load capacity of 900kg, their helpful tail lift can move up to 500kg onto the van, making it easier to load and unload bigger products such as heavy white goods.

If you’re downsizing, you might find that a smaller van is advantageous. This gives you two options: a Long Wheelbase van and an Extended Long Wheelbase van. While both vehicles have a maximum cargo capacity of 950kg, the depth of the storage compartment varies. Extended Long Wheelbase Vans are at least 3.7 metres long, while Long Wheelbase Vans are 3 metres long.

What is the maximum capacity of a Luton van?

Advising on how much furniture a Luton van can contain can be difficult because of the many elements to consider, including the cubic feet available, the type of van required, eg do you need a van with a tail lift?, and of course the size of your 3 bedroom house. Here are some things to consider when it comes to a removal van size guide and identifying the van you need.

How do you pack and stack everything? Furniture can be big and complicated, so it’s usually a good idea to exceed your space requirements.

The condition of the items, as well as their fragility, might influence how they are packed and restrict them from being stacked.

How many items do you have in total? In general, the majority of our customers can move a three-bedroom house in one trip with our Luton Vans, and as a very rough guideline, one of our Luton vans would fit the following load in a single trip:

  • 40 large boxes containing personal belongings
  • Three-piece suite.
  • Dining table with stackable chairs.
  • Closet
  • Drawer Chest
  • Three kitchen appliances 

However, it is always beneficial to speak with us before renting to confirm whether we believe the things you have would all fit in one go.

Hire a Removal Van for your House Move

If you want to hire a van for your house move or have any questions regarding any of the vehicle sizes in our fleet, please contact our friendly team at Easihire.  With no deposit necessary, we will look for the ideal vehicle for your removal. Contact us for more information on van rental.